Gutter protection gutter shutter

The Most Advanced Gutter Protection System in Central Pennsylvania!

"Thank you for accomplishing a professional installation of high quality product for our home! The installers worked diligently to see the job was done right. We would recommend you to anyone!"

Too many of us take our gutters for granted, or put off cleaning them completely -- resulting in costly water home damage. To ensure free-flowing, fully efficient gutters, regular cleaning and protection is necessary. Gutter Shutter can help.

Gutter Shutter offers the finest in gutter covers, guards, and protection systems. Gutter Shutter completely closes and protects your gutters, leaving no openings for leaves or debris to enter. We use the power of surface tension to filter rainwater, much like the way water clings to the side of a glass when it's poured.

Our one-piece design is custom fit and matched to the color of your home, providing you with a professional, seamless installation and a 20-year warranty. Rest easy knowing your gutters can stand up to even the heaviest rainstorm with Gutter Shutter.